Garbh Sanskar : Blessings For The New Arrival

Track List:
  1. Atharvaveda & Yajurveda Mantra
  2. Address To The Child
  3. Garbha - Sanrakshaka - Tantrokta Mantra
  4. Rigveda Mantra
  5. Vira - Rasa - Sanskara - Shloka
  6. Instrumental Music
  7. Aumkara - Panchatattva - Bijamantra
  8. Ragveda Mantra
  9. Samaveda Mantra
  10. Veena Instrumental
  11. Atma Sanskara Shatkam
  12. Ashirvachanam
  13. Shri Maharudra Mantra
Download Link [In 2 Parts] :


devactivism said...

thanks!!! the album is great

nitsz said...

Thanks a lot for making this album available. Thanks a ton!!!

Net Guru said...

Thanks for comments

nisha said...

Unable to open this file with .rar extension. plz help

Net Guru said...

nisha-you have to download winrar free software for this, it is easily available on the net.

coloraddict said...

thanks! for sharing something like this

nikhil said...

Thanks a lot for sharing such a good album

RAKESH said...

I want to purchase this album
blessing for new arrival-garbh sangeet.
how it is possible?

Vivek said...

Thanks for sharing the download link.

abhijitparab said...

Not able to download, getting an error from rapidshare.


Lawrence Rodrigues said...

Unable to download can n e one plz send me all d songs from this album to

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